Manufacturers of All Kind of Lining for Leather Goods & Garment

Our Product Range
We have a variety of fabrics for interlining. We work with nylon, polyester, viscose & blended fiber. Our products includes:
A Stand For Interlining..!
Welcome To Pisco Creation
Pisco Creation is a full service Fabric Company founded by Mr. Jagdish Barai and Young Mr. Shyam Barai, Mr. Lokesh Barai & Chirag Barai based in Surat that services clients globally. We pride ourselves on being the best at everything we do and it shows in the results that clients get. We are well-organized in manufacturing and supplying of fabrics for Leather Goods &Garments, Wallets, Gloves, and Handbags etc in India from last several Years.

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Pisco Creation is a firm heredity in cloth Manufacturing & Trading Business since decades. It has a firm roots in Surat, which is the largest center of synthetic textile of all grades in the country. Our presence in our field of interlining is well known in many pockets of the country. Till recently our fabrics were used to be exported by the Garments Exporters, but now we ourselves are planning to export directly,

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